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​So, you have gone over our conditions leading to hand surgery and feel that you may relate to one or a few of them. Now we can list out our great procedures and services that we provide here at Texas Orthopedic Partners to help you get back to full health, all made easy by our orthopedic hand specialist Frisco TX. Check out our several options and see what may be right for you, feel free to call or contact us with questions, so we can make your road to no hand pain a smooth one.

Orthopedic Hand Specialist Frisco TX Procedures

Our two major procedures that we offer at Texas Orthopedic Partners are:

Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Requires no stitches

You would be unable to take part in any hand intensive activities for 8 days

You would be required to utilize your hands for light activity, like eating and writing

Often no therapy is even required for this method

Endoscopic Cubital ​Tunnel Surgery

Requires a small incision

​Has a lower risk of nerve damage during the process

Lower risk of formation of scar tissue

Therapy required

Quick return to work


Due to the vast situations that we encounter at Texas Orthopedic Partners, we are obviously able to service so many more patients with different methods. The best way to truly know what is right for you is to talk to us and we can walk you through the entire process. Our orthopedic hand specialist Frisco TX are here to help you get back to form as soon as possible.