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We here are Baylor Scott & White Texas Orthopedic Partners understand the increase of osteoarthritis in our population, so we have been preparing and equipping our staff with the knowledge and tools to tend to your every need. We have developed several treatments that are world-class compared to the rest. Why should you choose BSW Texas Orthopedic Partners for your osteoarthritis treatment in Frisco, TX or other nearby areas?


We Provide Quality Osteoarthritis Treatment

Our staff and facilities are equipped with the latest technology to help get you back to form and ease your pain.


We Provide Quality Staff

We hire the best, brightest, and most caring staff to better enhance your experience here at BSW Texas Orthopedic Partners.


​We Provide Great Customer Service

Our staff understands the trouble you have gone through and we have trained our staff to provide you with the best service and experience while you are here at our facility.


We Care About Our Osteoarthritis Treatment Patients

We understand that you often go to the doctor and are given a treatment for your illness or pain, but we feel that there is more to that process than that. We give you a truly genuine and caring experience so that you can worry less about your pain and more about what life will be like after treatment.


We Understand Your Needs

We understand that you may not want osteoarthritis treatment, so we have created an environment for you to help make the transition better for you and your family. We know that you may be busy, so we provide flexible appointment times and make sure to try and meet your every need.