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​We understand that individuals may be experiencing different things with their hands, but they all may require the same thing, hand surgery from our doctors at Texas Orthopedic Partners.

Loss of feeling in your hand

The most common conditions that are tied to the loss of feeling in your hands is Carpal Tunnel or Cubital Tunnel syndrome. We at Texas Orthopedic Partners are prepared to take care of your hand pain Frisco TX today. Give us a call with any questions or concerns.

Hand Pain

Just flat out hand pain may be due to arthritis or other bone-related conditions. We at Texas Orthopedic Partners understand the hand pain Frisco TX you may be experiencing and are here to help you as fast as possible.

Swelling of Hand, Fingers, Wrist

Any form of hand swelling may stop, but a long time occurrence of swelling in these areas may mean that surgery or treatment is necessary, give us a call at Texas Orthopedic Partners to get rid of your hand pain Frisco TX.

Loss of Hand Strength

Hand weakness can be caused by nerve damage or other conditions, we can help assess and fix your hand problems and get your hand strength back as soon as possible!

Hand Lumps

These are most often benign cysts and tumors, but these are nothing to take lightly. Come in for a check up with our doctors to make sure you are okay.


We understand the commonality of bone fractures in your wrist and hand and are prepared to repair you back to form the best way possible. We will make sure to reduce pain as fast and efficiently as possible, come into Texas Orthopedic Partners to learn more about getting rid of your hand pain Frisco TX.

Cuts or loss of fingers

Often times major accident can happen or even small cuts. Your hands are very valuable parts of your body and nerve damage could result in these occurrences, so be sure to come into Texas Orthopedic Partners to receive a check up and get help today!