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What is Arthritis and How Do I know I have It?

Arthritis is the event of your joints becoming heavily inflamed. There are various forms of it, but the most common is osteoarthritis. The biggest sign of having arthritis in a certain area is joint pain. The pain is usually never-ending and very specific to a joint, knee or elbow for example. Arthritis is usually caused by various things too, disease, muscle strains, and just wearing down from everyday activities.​

I Have Arthritis What Do I Do Now?

So you have arthritis in one or more joints, you need to find a treatment to help ease and eliminate the pain. There are various forms of treatment for patients because we understand at Baylor Scott & White Texas Orthopedic Partners that arthritis pain is not something to take lightly. We offer surgical and non-surgical ways to help treat your arthritis pain. We realize that some individuals have different preferences, so we felt that a variety of treatments would avoid any issues. We want you to choose BSW Texas Orthopedic Partners to help eliminate your arthritis pain because we really do care about helping you get better and back to normal.

What Makes You Better Than The Rest?

Our staff, facility, and the wide variety of treatment processes are just the beginning of why we are the easy choice for your arthritis pain. Give us the chance to help you get better; it will be the best choice you ever made. You can trust our experienced and caring staff because we are here to help you get better the right way!