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Hip Replacement Questions

What Is Hip Replacement?


Hip replacement is the process of swapping out your current injured hip with a prosthetic implant. Some people go through the process of having a part or their entire hip replaced. It depends on your situation on what type of replacement you get.

Why Do I Need a Hip Replacement?

You have experienced never-ending pain and are developing arthritis in your him. You have tried non-surgical treatments, but they have proven to be ineffective. Hip replacement is a common remedy for arthritis pain in the hips. If hip replacement is not an option you want to go through, then we can try to find other methods as well that you may not have tried yet at Baylor Scott & White Texas Orthopedic Partners in Frisco, TX.

How Effective is Getting a Hip Replacement?

Hip replacement will almost always relieve you of your arthritis and hip pain, but the length of time varies for patients. The replacement will help repair any damage, which then relieves you of any pain. Some may experience long-term relief, but some individuals remain in pain shortly after the surgery. BSW Texas Orthopedic Partners utilizes methods that fight that trend and keep most of their patient's pain-free for good.

Why Choose Texas Orthopedic Partners for My Hip Replacement?

BSW Texas Orthopedic Partners provides a quality service and treatment for individuals in need of a hip replacement in Frisco, TX and surrounding areas. They make sure their patients are taken good care of right on the first day they call and come into the facility. We treat our patients with respect and understand their stories, we try to be as efficient as possible when it comes to getting you feeling better.


Knee Replacement Frisco TX Questions

What is Knee Replacement?

A knee replacement is a process of replacing your current knee joint with another joint substitute, which is usually metal or plastic that allows for continued use of the knee like before. The knee replacement route is not for everybody, so we have put plans in place to help those who want alternate treatments who would need knee replacement surgery.

Why do I Need a Knee Replacement?

You have constant knee pain and are having issues with walking and using your knee joints. Your knee is swelling up, you can’t walk or move it without feeling pain, or you can’t even move it at all.

How effective is getting a Knee Replacement?

Knee replacements are quite effective, as they get rid of all the unneeded pain in your knee and allow you to do most of the things you enjoyed doing before you had knee pain. You may not be able to go skiing or do high-intensity activities with your new knees, but you can walk and travel pain-free.

Why Choose Texas Orthopedic Partners for my Knee Replacement?

BSW Texas Orthopedic Partners has the staff and technology to make an easy and painless transition for your knee replacement journey. We know all there is to know about what you are going through and have developed a solid system to get you in for your knee replacement and up and walking around like new in a reasonable amount of time. We care and really want you to be able to enjoy life without pain once again.


Get Rid of Joint Pain

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a joint disorder where you experience serious pain and swelling in your joints. If it gets bad enough, you may not even be able to utilize your joints. Joint pain is the most often complaint by individuals who think they have arthritis or have been diagnosed already. Arthritis is caused by infections, aging, constant intense activities, and more.

What is Osteoarthritis?

It is also known as degenerative arthritis and it occurs when your joints start to degrade. A lot of the same issues tied to arthritis are experienced with osteoarthritis. The main difference is that cartilage in your joints starts to degrade as well, which eventually leads to more extreme pains from arthritis.

What are the symptoms?

Common symptoms of arthritis and osteoarthritis are joint pain, joint swelling up, loss of joint movement, loss of cartilage near your joints. Some symptoms you may not see, but making a quick checkup if you feel your joints are hurting more than usual or they just don’t feel right would be a great idea.

How Do You Diagnose It?

These conditions are often hereditary or often just developed through age. Most individuals will not be able to diagnose that they have arthritis or osteoarthritis themselves, but they can make the move to go get checked out by a doctor. You can make an appointment with BSW Texas Orthopedic Partners t​oday by giving us a call now and we can help figure out what may be going on with you.